We are the leading VOD aggregator in Latin America. Since 2013, we have worked

with the largest local and global platforms, offering technical, financial and strategic solutions

with cutting-edge technology, provided with agility and transparency.



We operate under the one-stop-shop model, covering the whole Video on Demand market on a global scale,

guaranteeing the best experience for our clients and users when viewing their favorite content. We provide quality control

services for materials, trailer localization, subtitling, dubbing, encoding, transcoding, metadata and automatized xml files,

iTunes extras, visibility strategies and pricing, online reports and financing solutions.


Technical services, preparation and content delivery for digital platforms

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  • Intro

    Technical support, content preparation and delivery to digital platforms (Cable and OTT).

  • Multiplatform

    Preferred partnerships with the major platforms, offering highly efficient approval deadlines.

  • Quality Control

    We utilize automatized quality control with artificial intelligence, followed up with human quality control. Problems that are detected during this process can be easily fixed in-house, speeding up content preparation and ensuring successful on-time delivery.

  • Conformance (Ingestion)

    Specification and standardization of your assets: (films, trailers, audio, subtitles, metadata). Our team of specialists has the support of the latest cutting-edge technology to properly manage your film.

  • Localization

    We aim to provide the best possible experience by offering multi-region localization services for trailers, subtitles, SDH/closed captioning, dubbing and artwork; translation services; synchronization; forced subtitles for multi-language content; full QC; transcription.

  • iTunes Extras

    After having established a preferred vendor partnership, we develop EXTRAS 2.0 for the Apple Store. Exclusive interviews, deleted scenes, 'Making Of' documentaries, exclusive photos and commentary tracks are special content that may raise your product to premium status.

  • 4K

    In-store delivery of your content in 4K HDR.

  • Digital Cinema Package (DCP)

    Film and trailer DCP mastering according to DCI standards for preferred territories.

  • Anti-piracy monitoring

    Control services to avoid the illegal dissemination of your content on the internet.

  • Backup Cloud

    Agile and secure cloud storage, offering backup and restore solutions.


Distribution, strategy and content management for the world's leading streaming platforms

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  • Engaged Service

    Long Tail and Blockbuster Strategies - We manage everything from blockbusters to award-winners, local films, animated and independent films of all genres: horror, drama…

  • Multi-Region and Platforms

    On every screen - As an iTunes preferred aggregator since 2014, we work under the strictest technical specifications and with the most efficient processes, offering the user the best quality experience. We work with the world's biggest platforms, such as iTunes, GooglePlay, YouTube, Amazon and Netflix; we also with the most important regional services, such as Net Now, Sky, Vivo Brasil, Cinepolis Klic and Total Play in Mexico.

  • Communication Stategy

    Content Visibility - One of the key factors for enhancing content performance on VOD platforms consists of facilitating better access to the consumer. In addition to using high-tech communication tools in digital and physical formats while keeping costs low, Sofa actively works with all platforms to highlight and promote its content. We also collaborate with the Filmmelier website to increase the visibility of our client's films in the VOD window.

  • Pricing Strategy

    Active Pricing Strategy - The success of VOD content performance is directly related to active management of the price strategy with the platforms. Sofa Digital operates in the VOD market to maximize the return on client assets with the support of a specialized, dedicated team.


Financial Solutions for the VOD Market: Factoring, Gap Financing, fast credit based on sales data.

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  • Financing (click to expand)

    In partnership with S.O.W management company, Sofa Digital created Bluemoon, the first fund for accounts receivable financing in the VOD market in 2018, focused on the anticipation of contracts with SVoD platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others. Likewise, Sofa Digital operates under the value anticipation model for VoD contracts and the minimum guarantee model for specific titles.


Technology and innovation aimed at optimizing performance management of clients' assets

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  • Remote Control

    Tranparency Report, Multiple Payment Forms, Stakeholder - Online Reporting. A tool developed to give our partners easy access to managing and visualizing the performance of the assets shared with Sofa Digital. Absolute transparency by platform, title and region of exploration.

  • Digital Contract

    Clickthrough Agreement - All contracts that are signed by Sofa Digital with its partners are drawn up digitally, signed and made available online, in order to speed up the process and improve information access with security and transparency.


We are film enthusiasts, devoted and committed to delivering

the best films to digital platforms according to the highest quality standards.


Fabio Lima

Executive Partner Sofa Group

Media and technology entrepreneur who has worked with streaming and digital content since 2000. In 2003, he took part in the creation of Rain Networks, the first network of digital cinema in the world. Later, in 2008, he specialized in on-demand digital film distribution and the live broadcasting of alternative cinema content, such as live shows, sporting events, operas and theater. He is the founder of Sofa Digital.

Joca Muller

Executive Partner Sofa Group

Strategic business management specialist. He holds an undergraduate degree in marketing and finance. He was in charge of major events such as the 2016 Rio Olympics as SRCOM Corporate Vice President. A managing partner in the private equity department at Fox Investments and CEO of Devassa Brewery. He has also worked as a marketing executive at various multinational companies, as well as in the financial market.

Gustavo Balesteros

Executive Partner Sofa Lab

Digital content specialist. In 2005, he contributed to the development of digital cinema in Brazil. As of 2011, he dedicated himself to VoD and was responsible for making feasible the homologation of the first coding house in Latin America to introduce contents in the Apple Store and Google Play. He is currently in charge of technological innovation research to improve the performance of the company.

Paula Gaustad

CAO - Chief Acquisition Officer

Executive producer since 2001, Paula started working on the international market in 2009, developing business opportunities for filmmakers across the globe. In Sofá Digital since the company's creation, she manages the licensing, programming and operations of film content for distribution in VOD platforms worldwide. She has partaken in several workshops in prestigious institutions such as: the Locarno Industry Academy, EICTV- Cuba, BRLAB, MICA, FIDBA, Mar Doc Lab, BAM, Chile Docs, SANFIC, Panamá IFF, Marché du Film.



+55 11 3085-3596


+55 11 3085-3596


+55 11 3085-3596